When are the draws?

Bonus Ticket Sales Deadline: Midnight, February 15, 2019.

Bonus Draw Date: February 28, 2019.

Early Bird Ticket Sales Deadline: Midnight, March 15, 2019.

Early Bird Draw Date: March 26, 2019*.

Early Bird Winner Announcement: March 28, 2019.

Final Ticket Sales Deadline: Midnight, March 29, 2019**.

Final Draw Date: April 9, 2019.

Grand Prize Winner Announcement: April 11, 2019.

Only tickets purchased before midnight, February 15, 2019, will be eligible to win the Bonus Prize. Bonus draw will commence at 10 a.m. February 28, 2019.

*Only tickets purchased before the Early Bird ticket sales deadline of midnight, March 15, 2019, are eligible to win the Early Bird Prize. If all tickets are sold by the Early Bird ticket sales deadline, all draws will commence at 8:30 a.m. March 26, 2019. The top prize winners will be announced on March 28, 2019.

**If tickets remain after the Early Bird ticket sales deadline, then only the Early Bird draw will commence at 8:30 a.m. March 26, 2019. Final ticket sales deadline is midnight, March 29, 2019. The remaining prize draws will commence at 8:30 a.m. April 9, 2019. The top prize winners will be announced on April 11, 2019.

How are winners notified?

All winners will be notified in writing by Deloitte LLP with an official prize claim letter as to what they have won and how to claim prizes. A list of all top prize winners will be posted at If all tickets are sold by the Early Bird deadline of March 15, 2019, the list of winners will be posted online at on April 4, 2019. If tickets remain after the Early Bird deadline, the winners list will be available on April 18, 2019.

Can someone who lives outside Saskatchewan buy a ticket?

This lottery is intended for residents of Saskatchewan. Tickets may only be purchased and mailed within the province.

What happens if I cannot pick up my prize in person?

Arrangements can be made to have a prize shipped to you freight collect. Arrangements can also be made for someone else to claim your prize with your written approval and proper identification.

What would happen if a "bad" payment was made for a ticket (i.e. NSF cheque)?

Only tickets that have been paid for and/or have been verified as paid for are eligible to be entered for the respective draw(s). A minimum of one week is allowed between our ticket sales deadline and the draw date(s). This time period allows for all forms of payment to be verified and processed. If for any reason a payment is returned, the ticket will be deemed invalid if payment cannot be made prior to the draw.

If I win, is my ticket still in for other draws?

Yes, after each draw (including the Bonus and Early Bird draws) the winner is recorded and the ticket number returns for all subsequent draws.

Is my ticket purchase tax deductible?

No. Prize winnings are not taxable; therefore, tickets are not tax deductible.

Do I have to take my prize as is or can I just take the cash?

Prizes must be accepted as awarded. There are no cash alternatives unless otherwise stated in the lottery brochure.

How do the 50/50 Add-On® and 100 Days of Winning® Cash Calendar Add-On work?

At the time of order for a Hospital Home Lottery ticket, the customer has the opportunity to order 50/50 Add-On and/or 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar Add-On tickets (50/50: $10 each, 5-pack for $25, 15-pack for $50; 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar Add-On: $25 each, 5-pack for $50).

For the 50/50 Add-On, the winner will keep half the jackpot. 50/50 Add-On jackpot updates will be available online throughout the lottery at

For the 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar Add-On, there will be one big winner of $1,000 every day beginning April 15, 2019.

50/50 and 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar Add-Ons can only be ordered at the time of the original lottery ticket order and will not be accepted at a later date.

Draw date: The draw date for the Add-Ons will take place on March 26 or April 9, 2019 based on the official outcome of Hospital Home lottery ticket sales; ie: Early Bird or Final Deadline sell out.

If I win the house, do I have to live in it or can I sell it?

Once the home is awarded to the winner(s), they do not have to live in it. Any prize won can be sold if the winner wishes to do so.

If I sell the house (or any other prize), do I have to pay tax on the sale amount?

Lottery winnings are considered windfalls, not capital gains and are not taxable in Canada. If the home winner decides to sell the showhome, he or she does not have to live in the home for any amount of time before selling. Consult a tax professional for specific advice on this matter.

If I win a vacation prize but cannot travel, can I just take the cash?

Prize must be accepted as awarded with no cash alternatives available, although travel prizes ARE TRANSFERABLE, so you may give it or sell it to someone else.

How long do I have to claim my prize?

All prizes should be claimed within one (1) year of the applicable draw date. In the event that winners have not claimed their prizes within that period, and after reasonable attempts have been made to contact that winner (i.e. telephone, mail), then the prize will be submitted to a charity approved by the SLGA.

Are the prizes donated?

No. All prizes are purchased by the Foundations using the tender process.

How much will the hospitals raise and how will it be used?

The projected net proceeds for the Hospital Foundations is over $1.1 million. Proceeds will be divided equally between the three Hospital Foundations and will be used to improve health and patient care. For more detailed use of proceeds, please refer to the lottery brochure or proceeds section of this website.

Inquiries regarding ticket purchase

For inquiries regarding the status of tickets already purchased (i.e. have not received official ticket in the mail, spelling or address error(s), etc.), please call Deloitte LLP directly at 1-855-666-8300 or email

Who is not eligible to purchase a ticket?

The following, including their spouse and any related or dependent person residing in the same household, are prohibited from purchasing a ticket: Board members, executives and staff of Saskatoon City, Royal University and St. Paul’s Hospital Foundations, Executive Teams of Builders contracted to provide real estate prizes to this lottery, any contracted interior designers partners, and Partners and employees of Deloitte LLP and its affiliates.

The official ticket is a receipt of purchase. Purchasers must be at least 18 years of age. Tickets cannot be purchased in the name of a minor.

Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, Royal University Hospital Foundation, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Charitable Registration #11914 0739 RR0001, #11927 9131 RR0001, #11919 5691 RR0001

Lottery Licence #LR18-0076