Supporting Saskatoon's Hospitals


Proceeds support Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation’s Equip for Excellence campaign. This multi-year, multi-million dollar campaign will provide the best equipment, resources and technology for the hospital, its dedicated employees and, most importantly, its patients.
With 200,000 patient procedures annually, Saskatoon City Hospital is busy. Equip for Excellence ensures aging equipment is replaced as it’s needed, so appointments won’t be postponed or cancelled. Equip for Excellence means the hospital can continually upgrade state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that let doctors discover many diseases and disorders sooner – including cancers – analyze them in detail, and decide on effective treatment.
Your support of Hospital Home Lottery will purchase priority equipment for Saskatoon City Hospital’s Operating Rooms, Breast Health Centre, Endoscopy, Surgery Services, Orthopedics, Sleep Lab, Eye Care Centre, Respirology and more.


Did you know that every year, more than 1,000 patients from across Saskatchewan have brain or spine surgery at Royal University Hospital (RUH)? Proceeds will support our Mission Possible: Operation New O.R. campaign, a $20-million plus mission to transform surgical care at RUH.

Part of the mission is to equip Saskatchewan’s provincial acute care hospital with two surgical microscopes: The [email protected] 900. RUH’s current microscopes are 11, 15 and 25 years old. If you or your loved ones are rushed to RUH for complex neurosurgery, the very best technology is not available. The [email protected] 900 is loaded with innovations, including full integration with imaging technologies such as MRI and angiogram and offers unprecedented optics, illumination and precision, empowering our neuro and spinal surgeons to see what they currently cannot see using our existing microscopes.


Proceeds will complete installation of Pyxis Automated Pharmaceutical Dispensing systems throughout St. Paul’s Hospital, helping our health care teams provide compassionate and quality care to those in our Hospital while reducing medication-related administrative duties for our health care practitioners. 

This system ensures secure, consistent and timely medication dispensing that also improves access to patient medication data and ensures efficient re-ordering of medication supplies. Most importantly, Pyxis will help our health care professionals provide safe, consistent and timely dispensing of the right medications, for the right patient, at the right time.